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AKHIRE's unique access to a wide range of workers (currently over 2,000 employees in our active database) is one of the essential benefits we offer our clients. By working with AKHIRE you can quickly find individuals with specific skill sets or hard-to-find work experience.

Those individuals can be brought on board for a brief period or they can be hired permanently. This flexibility enables you to serve your organization in a strategic manner.

You can respond quickly to changing business needs without burdening your company with excessive head count or unnecessary legal exposure. This type of staffing agility is used as a competitive advantage by smart companies.

A recent report from the U.S. Department of Labor supports this notion. The report found "employers that have flexibility in adjusting labor requirements to meet product and service demands have a competitive edge over those with less flexible human resources policies."

When You Use Our Services...

  • SAVE on the high cost of advertising.
  • SAVE TIME on screening resumes and checking references and stop conducting "unproductive" interviews.
  • SAVE TIME on post interview contacts to notify unsuccessful candidates.
  • SAVE TIME by getting prescreened candidates and workers who already meet your criteria.
  • HAVE MORE CHOICES - Our database is extensive and includes candidates from across the region and nation.
  • SAVE on absenteeism - We immediately replace any temporary employees who experience unscheduled emergencies, often before the start time and we will immediately inform you of the change.
  • SAVE on turnover - Our temporary staffing solutions solve your problem quickly and efficiently with no additional cost
  • SAVE during "slow" seasons - Get the staff you need ONLY when you need it.
  • SAVE on benefits, including sick leave and vacation pay - the price for temporary staffing is "inclusive" unlike that of full time employees.
  • SAVE time and money - Lower the cost of your payroll and human resource staff. Our price for temporary staff includes taxes, worker's compensation, liability and other required fees.
  • HELP with your cash flow - You can pay us just once a month or twice a month instead of doing a weekly payroll.

To learn more about how AKHIRE can benefit your business give us a call today!

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Accounting Clerk - Anchorage, AK $14-16 P/Hr.

Accountant - Juneau, AK $25.00 P/Hr.

Accountant - Kenai, AK $25.00 P/Hr.

Carpenter - Juneau, AK $25 to $35 P/Hr. DOE

Service Tech/Mechanic - Anchorage, AK $19-26.00 P/Hr.

General Laborer(s) - Juneau, AK $15 P/Hr.

Class A Driver - Anchorage, AK $19-20.50 P/Hr.

Office Assistant Cashier - Juneau, AK $14.00 P/Hr.

Shareholder Relations - Juneau, AK $16.00 P/Hr.

Bookkeeper - Juneau, AK $20 P/Hr.

Vice President - Juneau, AK $120K P/Yr.

Receptionist/Admin Assistant - Juneau, AK $15.00 - 18.00 P/Hr.

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