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Direct Hire Recruiting

We Find You Great Team Members

Here’s how our direct hire option works:

Using this option we handle all aspects of recruiting your direct-hire permanent employees, and they become your own employee from day one. They never work for you as a temp or a temp-to-hire, rather they start on their first day of work as your own employee and get paid by you directly.

Our fee for conducting a permanent recruitment and placement is based on a percentage of the employee’s total projected annual first year salary.

Our placements are always done on a contingency basis. In other words, you only pay us for the search and placement if we are able to locate an employee you find acceptable. If we never find you the right employee you never pay us a dime.

If you do hire one of our employees we have sent to you, paid our fee, and the employee leaves within 30, 60 or 90 days of their hire date (term will depend on the type of position we fill), we will gladly conduct a second search on your behalf, and there is no additional charge for the second search.

To request an employee, complete our online employee request form or to talk with one of our representatives about our other services call 907.586.4140. Please ask for Todd Saunders.

Quick Links

Submit an Employee Request

3 easy steps to submit a request:

Step 1: Complete our online form using the link below. The form will collect general information about the position the type of employees you are seeking. Online form

Step 2: If required you may submit additional information (via email) about the position you are trying to fill. Email it

Step 3: Follow-up and /or questions. You will receive a call or a follow-up email from us to discuss your request. If you have immediate questions you may contact us at 907-586-4140.

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