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Does AKHIRE charge employees a fee for temporary assignments?


Who do AKHIRE temporary employees actually work for?

They work for AKHIRE and are assigned to do work for our clients. Our clients are free to use our temp employees like other employees, but they are actually employees of AKHIRE.

Who does the payroll and writes the checks?

AKHIRE handles all aspects of weekly payroll and the checks come directly from AKHIRE. Our clients are billed once a week and are required to make only one payment to AKHIRE for the total number of employee hours for the week. Payments can even be made with a credit card – allowing you to float the cash for weeks depending on the card you use. In some cases you can even earn air miles.

If an AKHIRE temp employee just isn’t working out what are my options?

You can call our office and request a change. AKHIRE will contact the temporary employee and explain the change and assign a different AKHIRE employee to the position, if you still have a need to fill the position.

How long do most AKHIRE temporary jobs last?

While specific jobs may last from a few hours to several months, the best estimates for the average tenure of temporary and contract employees range from three to five months.

What types of assignments does AKHIRE offer?

Jobs range from assembly line workers to CEOs and are available in virtually all occupations.

If I have an AKHIRE temp-to-hire employee working for me and I would like to hire them full-time is that possible?


Is there a fee if a temp-to-hire employee is hired full-time?

Yes & No. In the event a temp employee referred by AKHIRE is hired directly as a full-time employee, part-time employee or contractor by you or one of your affiliates, and the AKHIRE employee has worked less then 640 hours for you, the AKHIRE placement fee will be based on this formula: 640 (minus) hours worked for the CLIENT (times) the difference between the employee’s hourly rate of pay from AKHIRE and the hourly rate of pay the CLIENT pays AKHIRE. If the employee has worked more then 640 hours for you there is no placement fee to convert the AKHIRE employee.

How much does AKHIRE pay temporary and contract employees?

To attract the most qualified employees, we offer highly competitive wages and benefits. The average temporary or contract employee earns between $15-25 per hour. The actual rate will depend on the type of employment. Some temp positions earn more than their permanent counterparts.

How many companies use staffing services?

Nationwide 90% of all companies have or still use temporary help services like AKHIRE to meet their staffing needs.

To request an employee, complete our online employee request form or to talk with one of our representatives about our other services call 907.586.4140. Please ask for Todd Saunders.

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