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Temporary Staffing

Need a Temp?

Here’s how our temporary staffing option works:

We locate, either from our current worker pool, or with additional recruiting, an employee that meets or exceeds your job description for a position. We provide that employee to you as a temp employee, for as long or as short as you need them. The employee works for us, and is assigned to work for you as a temp. You are free to use them just like any other employee, but they are our employee and will be included in our payroll system.

We bill you weekly based on a predefined markup and bill rate for each hour the employee works. Our normal markup rate for temporary staffing will depend on the type of position and the workers’ compensation rate for the position. In most cases you set the hourly employee pay rate or we can assist you with selecting a suitable rate that fits statewide norms. Our bill rate is based on the employee’s hourly pay times our markup rate (which we quote in writing for you in advance of sending you a temp employee).

We process and pay for all aspects of the temp’s payroll, including the cost of workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and all required local, state and federal payroll taxes. The employee’s payroll checks come directly from us. We also process their W2 at the end of the year, as well as, processing all other required government reporting.


How Can Temp Staffing Improve Your Business ?

Our staffing service seeks to augment your human resource functions with trained and qualified temporary employees thus enabling you to:

1). Have skilled replacements when regular employees are not at work

2). Avoid over staffing

3). Control operating costs

4). Supplement your regular work force during peak periods of business activity

5). Minimize recruiting costs

6). Reduce rapidly expanding fringe benefit expenses incurred by permanent employees

7). Reduce overtime payroll expenses

8). Handle unique special assignments or short-term jobs without the added expense of adding more permanent employees

9). Rehire retired workers as temps, thus retaining the job knowledge and experience while transferring the fringe benefit and payroll costs to us

10). As the temporary employee’s official employer, we manage the associated administrative functions, including payroll and compliance with federal and state requirements.

11). This enables you to concentrate on your core competencies while we handle your staffing needs and the related paperwork and costs. (Our price for temporary staff includes taxes, worker’s compensation, liability and other required fees.)

To request an employee, complete our online employee request form or to talk with one of our representatives about our other services call 907.586.4140. Please ask for Todd Saunders.

Quick Links

Submit an Employee Request

3 easy steps to submit a request:

Step 1: Complete our online form using the link below. The form will collect general information about the position the type of employees you are seeking. Online form

Step 2: If required you may submit additional information (via email) about the position you are trying to fill. Email it

Step 3: Follow-up and /or questions. You will receive a call or a follow-up email from us to discuss your request. If you have immediate questions you may contact us at 907-586-4140.

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