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Why Be A Temp

So, you're asking...why work as a temp?

Here’s just a few reasons why!


1). Work Temp for us while you are looking for another job. We don’t mind!

2). Employers often offer our Temps a permanent job. In fact almost 75% of the time. We don’t mind! In fact, many great companies hire all job positions by testing the candidate first as a Temp.

3). Many companies nationwide no longer have their own employees. They only hire Temps.

4). Temp employers rate your performance. Good performance reports can be used to give you the edge with an employer during your next job interview.

5). Flexible scheduling. One parent on an odd schedule? Flex your schedule to mesh with theirs or not!

6). Work part-time, spend afternoons with your children. Work one week on then one week off, you choose your schedule.

7). Job share a full-time assignment with another part-time worker.

8). Only accept assignments you want, when you want them.

9). Try out jobs in fields or industries you have never worked in before but always wanted to.

10). Enjoy the variety of assignments, do something different every week.

11). Try out companies to see if they fit your needs.

12). Try out bosses and coworkers. “Fire” the boss at the end of the week if you don’t like him and still have a job tomorrow with a new boss.

13). Earn Preferred Status and be first in line to choose the best paying assignments working for the best employers.

14). Have another seasonal job? Work for us in the off-season.

15). Need some extra cash? Work Temp as a second job during your time off.

16). Going to school? Work Temp in a related field to gain valuable experience, just like having a paid internship!

17). Hone specific job skills while you seek a career change. Take a typing assignment for a week to build your skills.

18). Not sure about the future? Work for us today, quit next week. We don’t mind!

19). New to town? Working Temp is a great way to meet lots of new people.

20). New to town? Work Temp while you learn the job market.

21). New to town? Work Temp until you establish residency.

22). Got Fired? Work Temp until you build back good references.

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