Many students that graduate from college are starry-eyed and ready to conquer the world. But finding a job after college can create an incessant stir of uncertainty. And although there may seem to be a great wide world of opportunities, job seekers may not have the guidance to comprehend what it takes while on the job hunt. There are several essential components to success when it comes to landing your first job out of school. The following are a few of the elements that should be in place: an individualized resume, attending and interacting in networking events, interview preparation, and building a unique skill set that allows you to stand out amongst the applicant pool.

Pieces to the Career Puzzle

Personalized Resume  

Each applicant will need a strong and personalized resume when finding a job after college. This is a critical piece of the puzzle when starting to look for your career. Although it’s relatively simple to create a resume, the challenge is getting your resume to shine above all others. There are a few tips to keep in mind. While crafting your resume keep these tips in mind:

  • Remember not to saturate the page with your entire work history, example: the job you held in high school will likely not apply to the job you are applying for today.
  • It’s important to allow your resume to be a reflection of yourself, as hiring managers often first meet you via your resume.
  • When searching for a job after college in a competitive job market, create a unique and well-designed resume. For creative industry cater that. But for a professional industry, stay in alignment with what the expectation for positions would be. Think Account Banking Manager vs. Multimedia and Graphics Designer.

The social network

Never underestimate the power of forming relationships. It is a commonplace now that individuals can acquire interview opportunities and jobs through networking. The workforce is evolving, and networking is becoming a big part of how to find a job after college. When speaking to people, you may meet in the industry you want to enter; you can always mention your strengths.


Recent grads may have over other applicants, is the hunger and commitment to want to grow in an industry. Recent graduates also have the consistent discipline needed to complete any higher level of education. Another strength to note is the high level of knowledge gained from your university. This is a skill set you’ve perfected during your time in school.

You don’t have to wait until you graduate. We recommend taking advantage of school-sponsored networking events. When you attend these events, have your polished resume ready just in case.

LinkedIn is a fantastic social tool that you can benefit from when used appropriately. There are benefits to utilize on this platform like connecting with individuals at companies of interest. There is a messaging function to connect. You would want to craft a professional message to express how you are a committed candidate with a drive to excel in your future career.

Check new jobs postings frequently

If you just graduated, you probably have the time to monitor job sites. It may seem like a significant time commitment, but this is what searching for a job after college includes. The best time to apply for a job is within the first 48 hours after it’s posted. So, get ready to check for the new job postings consistently. Because this will be a new habit for you, it would be best to time block this task. We recommend beginning your day by searching for new job openings each morning.

Another way to get a line on job openings is to monitor prospective employers’ social media feeds to see if they plan on adding any positions.

Prep for the perfect pitch

There is a moment of truth each time you have been able to get face time with a potential employer. It is imperative to take time to practice for an interview intentionally. This allows you to prepare yourself for the situation ahead. There are many resources online that provide example interview questions that may be asked. This could be helpful, as an applicant to craft an answer that reflects on your own experience and current skill set.

It would be critical to research the company you are applying. Knowing the company any, their background, and their overall mission is always recommended. Having a firm understanding of what the company stands for could impress your potential employer. Good points to focus on would be the company’s mission, and vision aligns with your overall career trajectory.

Ready for the Workforce

Start preparing for your job hunt now, and you will be on your way to your dream job in no time. If you are ready to start applying, you can view list of alaska job service to start searching for a new job opening.

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