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So, you're asking...why work as a temp? Here's just a few reasons why!

  • Work Temp for us while you are looking for another job. We don't mind!
  • Employers often offer our Temps a permanent job. In fact almost 75% of the time. We don't mind! In fact, many great companies hire all job positions by testing the candidate first as a Temp.
  • Many companies nationwide no longer have their own employees. They only hire Temps.
  • Temp employers rate your performance. Good performance reports can be used to give you the edge with an employer during your next job interview.
  • Flexible scheduling. One parent on an odd schedule? Flex your schedule to mesh with theirs'or not!
  • Work part-time, spend afternoons with your children. Work one week on then one week off, you choose your schedule.
  • Job share a full-time assignment with another part-time worker.
  • Only accept assignments you want, when you want them.
  • Try out jobs in fields or industries you have never worked in before but always wanted to.
  • Enjoy the variety of assignments, do something different every week.
  • Try out companies to see if they fit your needs.
  • Try out bosses and coworkers. "Fire" the boss at the end of the week if you don't like him and still have a job tomorrow with a new boss.
  • Earn Preferred Status and be first in line to choose the best paying assignments working for the best employers.
  • Have another seasonal job? Work for us in the off-season.
  • Need some extra cash? Work Temp as a second job during your time off.
  • Going to school? Work Temp in a related field to gain valuable experience, just like having a paid internship!
  • Hone specific job skills while you seek a career change. Take a typing assignment for a week to build your skills.
  • Not sure about the future? Work for us today, quit next week. We don't mind!
  • New to town? Working Temp is a great way to meet lots of new people.
  • New to town? Work Temp while you learn the job market.
  • New to town? Work Temp until you establish residency.
  • Got Fired? Work Temp until you build back good references.

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Accounting Clerk - Anchorage, AK $14-16 P/Hr.

Accountant - Juneau, AK $25.00 P/Hr.

Accountant - Kenai, AK $25.00 P/Hr.

Carpenter - Juneau, AK $25 to $35 P/Hr. DOE

Service Tech/Mechanic - Anchorage, AK $19-26.00 P/Hr.

General Laborer(s) - Juneau, AK $15 P/Hr.

Class A Driver - Anchorage, AK $19-20.50 P/Hr.

Office Assistant Cashier - Juneau, AK $14.00 P/Hr.

Shareholder Relations - Juneau, AK $16.00 P/Hr.

Bookkeeper - Juneau, AK $20 P/Hr.

Vice President - Juneau, AK $120K P/Yr.

Receptionist/Admin Assistant - Juneau, AK $15.00 - 18.00 P/Hr.

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